SKIES has been featured on the Caltech home page, as well as the Pasadena Weekly and the PCC Courier.

SKIESIconRoundedSKIES is a collaborative learning app currently running on iPhones and iPads. In a classroom setting, it functions as a bulletin board. Teachers and students post class materials in the form of “cards”, which may contain text, pictures, drawings, audio clips, web links, or videos; as well as quiz questions in many different formats. The cards are linked together into an easy-to-browse “class tree”.

Teachers and students have found many ways to use SKIES. Teachers can upload lectures onto the system — any sort of PDF file can be converted into cards.


Teachers can prepare questions for students to answer throughout the lecture, to determine how well students are understanding the material. Or they can encourage students to create questions for others to answer. Students can be teachers!

SKIES also works well as an electronic notebook for organizing labs and projects. Students use it to organize their results, and can post results for everyone to see. Teachers can go through the cards to discuss and draw conclusions from class data:

SKIES can also be used in a more personal way, as a textbook and learning guide. Students can track their own progress, and teachers can track the progress of the class as a whole.

Teachers have used SKIES as a collaboration tool, to plan lessons and create curriculum together with other teachers. We are building a network of teachers working together to create next-generation classroom experiences.

We are developing classes which use SKIES to integrate collaborative learning with instruction on core concepts and hands-on lab activities. Videos describing the Community Science Academy at Caltech:

We are currently in private beta. If you are interested in evaluating our app, please e-mail us at skies@skieslearn.com.

18 Responses to About

  1. I would like to try it, please

  2. Mr. Ngyen,
    Is possible offer your solution for Android platform too? because in Latin America IPad hardware is very expensive compared with the same solution using Android Tablets. For USA is very usefull but for the rest of world is a privilege be a Ipad owner.

  3. juliussu says:

    We would like to make SKIES cross-platform, but this will take some time.

  4. Kevin Kelleher says:

    Hello, I just enrolled in the Machine Learning course and it recommended this app. Can you please send DL instructions? Thanks!


  5. dillip321 says:

    what is link to download Skies..

  6. ScaliF says:

    Is it compatible with IPad 1? I enrolled in EDX ML class and I would like to give it a try, could you please send me the link?

  7. Punit Rawal says:

    HI…can I DL this onto my laptop running Win 7? I need it for the Machine Learning class at edx.org

    • juliussu says:

      It is currently an iPad only app. For the benefit of everyone, we will post to the discussion forum after each class a summary of the top posts on SKIES.

  8. bodjor says:

    Please send me a link to download SKIES. Thanks.

  9. sawyeryang says:

    Please send me a email to download SKIES, thanks. The link at the website of Edx doesn’t response at all.

  10. Angie says:

    SKIES learning app will soon be implemented in the nation’s 7th largest school districts.

  11. Janice Sandberg says:

    Dear Julius,
    I am a teacher in the Pasadena Unified School District and I have signed up for the training this Saturday. Can you please grant me access? I have missed the first training and would like to review before Saturday. James recommended the program and I am working with Jody West to create new lessons for our students on the Next Generation Science Standards. Thank you,
    Janice Sandberg
    Washington Accelerated Elementary

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