Personal and interactive

At SKIES, our objective is to enhance learning between teachers and students. We want to make it easy for teachers to track and engage, and for students to speak out and contribute. We feel that there is a current trend in education to treat technology as an end in itself, neglecting the fundamental fact that teaching and learning are very personal endeavors. Our research and product direction is centered on improving the classroom experience in a meaningful way.

Easy to use

We make it easy for teachers and students to create content.  As a teacher, you do not need to have an IT staff to create and administer your own curriculum. An iPad and an internet connection is all you need to create multimedia lectures and test questions for students. As a student, you can access and review your progress anytime and anywhere.


Students sometimes are their own best teachers!  In our test cases, we have witnessed this powerful assertion ourselves.  We have thus made it easy for students to enter the kind of brilliant and original thoughts and answers that only students themselves can create. Teachers, fear not — you have ultimate control of what students can add and see from other students.

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